Tribute to Mike/Art opening/Fundraiser @ Rojo

I heard rumblings about this event and have finally confirmed that Rojo has donated a party room for an art opening on October 11. If you have more detailed/other info, please post in comments. This is what I received via e-mail. Thanks everyone.


Just following up on the tribute/fundraiser for Mike P. Some folks had questions so here’s the best FAQ I could put together:

What is this? Rojo ( is donating the “party room” to us for an art opening on Thursday, October 11th from 6-10pm. We’re hoping that people like you will donate a framed photo so that it can be on display for the entire month, and be sold. All proceeds from the sale will go into the account (Regions Bank “Prichard Trust Fund” Account #74758101) that Ruth Greer has set up.

What is the theme of the show? Pictures can be of anything Mike would have liked. They could be of Mike or his family, or just something that you think he would have enjoyed.

How will the pictures be priced? All photos will be priced by size. We ask that all photos be 8×10 or 11×14 and in a frame. All photos will remain up for the duration of the show, until Nov 6th.

Can someone print/frame the pictures for me? Yes, Hannah Slamen ( a local professional photographer is available to help you but she would need time to get everything done, so please contact her asap.

Where should I take my photos? Please deliver to Vazda Studio, address below, before October 9th. Alternately, photos may be delivered to Rojo the day of the show between 2 and 4pm. Please email me if you will be delivering photos the day of the show.

Can I donate something else? Sure, but please remember we’re trying to raise money at this event for the Prichard Trust Fund.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Ned Boggan.



Arik Sokol

Senior Producer

Vazda Studios


205/414-9646 fax

101 25th Street North #102

Birmingham, AL 35203


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