Marley lost her first tooth tonight

Another first–a non-holiday milestone that Mike has missed. One of those things that I know he would have loved to celebrate with her. And maybe he is. It’s just not that apparent to me.

Marley is soooo excited. When this happened, I of course was happy for Marley, but my mind also immediately went to “well, here’s another thing that Mike will never get to enjoy.”

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Before photos 3934 4th Ave S

Here is a slideshow of my house.  We’ve already done some things that make these photos a bit outdated (see captions).

But by 1 Feb 08, this place will be a gem.

And I’ll give anyone who refers the next buyer $1000.00.  Even if you’re the buyer.

Thanksgiving weekend

On this weekend, I want to again thank everyone for their love and support.  We could not do this alone.  We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and stepdad’s house along with my aunt.  It was nice and quiet.

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Happy Anniversary

Ten years ago, we walked the French Quarter

Hunting for rings on our wedding day

Thinking we would spend full lives

Traveling, carefree, growing old gracefully.

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Heart crush

Sometimes the weight of what has happened hits me like a wrecking ball.  It is all I can do to not crumple to the floor and disappear.  But it is good that it comes in waves because if the real impact of this horror hit me for a full day, for instance, I don’t know if I could continue to breathe.  Even now, my breath is shallow and I’m having a hard time believing that my heart is even beating.

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Chris’ photo website and condemned house update

It only occurred to me yesterday that I forgot a very important link (to me, anyway), which is my photo website, which for now displays mostly editorial photos. I don’t update it very often, but if you want to check it out, go to It should be back online later today (my domain name registration had expired).

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Rebuilding the building business easier said than done

Maybe I’m overconfident in my ability to continue the rehab business on my own.  I have no doubt that I can get my homebuilders license and learn the on-site details of the work, dealing with subs and all of the other things  that Mike did (although I’m sure I’ll not be doing much, if any, of the hands on work that he did other than to pick up/purchase supplies). Read the rest of this entry »

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