Time to Let Him Go

I had a dream that started off as a remodeling/construction nightmare, but it evolved into a scene where Mike and his mom, Dinny, appeared.

It was pretty bright and Mike had his sunglasses on an had a huge smile on his face.  He was actually beaming.  He was wearing the white shirt that he wore at the funeral home, but in the dream he was standing and looking radiant (although I was slightly annoyed that I couldn’t see his eyes b/c of the sunglasses). Read the rest of this entry »



My son is tough, energetic, funny, and makes his presence known at all times.

I’m not sure whether to chalk up his uber-spirited behavior as of late to the fact that he is a three-year-old (which by many accounts is much more challenging than the so-called “terrible twos”), his innate energy/personality, or the tragic situation he has been thrown into. Surely it is a combination of all three. It is stretching my patience to the limits and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

Back to reality

Back into the post-holiday swing of things. Sort of. Despite my best attempts to have a regular schedule and fill our social calendar with things to do, grief still manages to sneak its way into the program. Read the rest of this entry »

Passing Clouds

Until I had children, I never noticed this phenomenon.

Sometimes, when I look at their facial expressions, gestures, or body movements, I “see” other relatives, ancestors, in them. Usually, this is simply a brief moment or a few seconds at the most, when all of the sudden, I am not looking at my child, but Elmer Buck, my mothers father, or someone else living or dead that came before them. I don’t conciously try to do this, it just happens. Read the rest of this entry »