3934 4th Ave S–After photos

Here is the house I’m about to sell.  Check out the “before” photos on the November 24 entry! What do you think?


The patience of Job (NOT)–any Mac gurus who might lend a hand?

I’m feeling about as sane as someone who in the last month has had their car break down twice (to the tune of $1600) lost and found all contacts in cell phone; then lost and found their cell phone; had to replace said cell phone due to the fact that I have no access to my husband’s account, although I’ve been paying the bill on it for 7 years; had an installed furnace stolen in one house, all of the copper stolen out of another house (to the tune of $7500; $4500 of which was covered by insurance). Had my hard drive lost and partially recovered, one exception being a photo assignment that I will now have to reshoot; having to install virtually all new software to deal with new operating system on said computer due to hard drive crash and my desire to use my ipod. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring gardening

I am working on Mike’s computer, which is missing the “r” key (Avery peeled it off a year or two ago), so I’ll keep it short.  My computer’s hard drive melted down and is in the shop.

Did some gardening with the kids (but did more by myself) today.  It felt like a combination meditation and  mission.  I mainly worked on the strawberry bed, which Mike built last year (and which will deliver a half-dozen ripe strawberries in the morning, the first harvest from that bed–thanks Mike), and worked on weeding around trees and blueberry bushes. We added compost and mulch to all of them.

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The gate from hell

I would have cried had it not been so ludicrous;  picture me wearing white pants and heels in the rain  wrestling a metal gate off of an exterior door handle of the 12-foot trailer being towed by my van.

I was on my way to the ballet when I heard a disturbing grating noise from behind my vehicle.  My first thought; please don’t tell me I’m dragging my gate down the street. I’m already late. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s been a while since the last post. This is not to say that things have been dull.

I am 99% finished with the house in Avondale (the one that I posted BEFORE photos of) and have a very interested party who may even be submitting an offer today. Stay tuned. AFTER photos shall appear next week. The place is gorgeous. The best one yet. And I say that with profound gratitude to all Mike did to help me in this business both before and after his death. I really feel like he was looking out for me in all of this, as crazy as that may sound.

I’ve been doing a bit of yardwork here and there. We’re going to set up a garden fort on Monday, which would have been Mike’s 41 birthday. There is a large part of me that is still either in denial (I cannot believe that Mike is really gone forever) and wants to fight this reality (NO! and maybe if I say it again, it will all turn out to be a horrible nightmare). Read the rest of this entry »