On the Road Again

Our nomadic summer continues. Wow. It’s forced me to figure out how to put video on my ipod (single mom’s best friend on the road, I suspect).

We’re having a few friends over for a bonfire tonight and tomorrow it will be home to MN. Though it has finally occurred to me that after 11 years in Alabama, that it too, is really home (as much as I have resisted that idea). Read the rest of this entry »


Life is Good

A couple of big positives over the last few days, involving both business and personal life.

After an exceedingly stressful two weeks in the real estate business, I managed to purchase my next fixer-upper (thanks to all of you—and you know who you are–who helped make this possible) and finally finally hammer down a workable contract on my 4th Avenue house (the one with posted “after” photos).  This sale has been nearly as difficult as birthing Avery.  The underwriting process for the buyer has put me through the ringer, leaving me feeling like a choice candidate for a nervous breakdown several times this month. Read the rest of this entry »

The Missing Cookbook (originally written 5/12/08)

I flipped through an old journal and saw some recipes that I wrote down during a phase when I was trying to convince Mike that we had to get this stuff down on paper, his cooking was so exquisite. We had bantered about the idea of doing a cookbook; he would create the food and I’d help figure out the recipes and do the photography.

Of course, life with young children and running two businesses forced us to put the idea on hold.

And now I mourn our cookbook that will never be.

Decluttering (sort of)

I have a lot of stuff.

Even after last week’s garage sale, I have too much stuff.  So, we’re going to do another one in June.  Mike’s career in the film industry has meant that we have lots of weird things; props from commercials, every manner of microphone, styrofoam letters, hundreds of lightbulbs, gizmos and gadgets that I can’t begin to tell you what they’re for. Read the rest of this entry »

Mother’s Day blessings

Happy Mother’s Day!

After a few pretty tough week(s)–a lot of sharp downhills on the emotional roller coaster–today was blessed relief.  No heart ripped out of the chest feeling, no longing, little, if any sadness.  Didn’t leave the house at all today; Marley served Avery and me breakfast in bed (grapefruit slices, corn tortillas with a smiley face painted in sour cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Read the rest of this entry »

Missing Mike

I met a man yesterday who said he lost his wife three years ago.  He said it gets easier, much easier, but you never really “get over” it.  I can see that.  I think its kind of like being an amputee.  You learn to live without that limb, can function and even have a decent life, but its not like you don’t miss that limb or wonder how your life would have been different had you not lost it.  Read the rest of this entry »