Sept 5-7 Meditation Weekend–can anyone do a playdate/babysit?

Next weekend (Sept 5, 6, and 7) is a meditation weekend that I would like to attend and volunteer at.  Friday evening 6:30-9pm, Sunday morning from 8 until 12:30 am and Saturday is the biggie–8am-5:30.

Is there anyone out there who might be able to do a playdate or babysit during all or part of this weekend?

A spend-the-night on Fri would be great as I tentatively have a sitter lined up who could pick the kids up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  E-mail to or call my cell or home phone.


Home Sweet Home

Well, we’re back into the swing of things.  Both Marley and Avery are now in school and I have some major catching up to do in every department from laundry to gardening and business and friends.

Oh well, not too many hard deadlines for any of this.  But it does help to wear blinders when entering the chaos of the home office.

I’m still digesting the experiences from our summer trips.  Very fun, yet also stressful.  I”m wondering if it’s because until this past year, I’ve never travelled (for fun) alone.  And with two children (as a single parent). Read the rest of this entry »

California photos

So here are some images from our CA trip.  Thank you so much Gwen and Winnie for working SO hard to make this a memorable adventure!

It was so cool to do the city and the country thing!  You guys are the best and the kids and I will be forever grateful!

Denali National Park Photos

These are just a few images from our trip to Alaska, specifically Denali National Park.  The stars were aligned and Mt. McKinley revealed itself from the shroud of clouds that have cloaked it for all but four days this summer.

Being outdoors and with family here has been soothing, comforting and exhilerating.  Of course there is the ever-present challenge of the children and their cousins and many compteting interests each day.  But mostly it has been good.  Things are so much easier when there are other adults around.

Many thanks to Alex and Angela for their love and friendship, for hosting us and watching the kids while I go to yoga.