Here I am

Well, didn’t mean to drop off the face of this blog for so long. Thanksgiving, school fundraiser, Marley’s birthday, travel to NM, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, general malaise, and now Facebook have all turned my attention away.
Besides, I was beginning to feel like a broken record.
Things are……..pretty much the same, except, as of late, my mindset. Am feeling a lot better despite the fact that my houses aren’t selling, the stock market sucks and I am teetering on the edge of financial disaster. Dear God, lets hope Obama can turn some of this around.
Anyway, I am trying to be more social and have some fun while I wait for things to change for the better.
The kids are doing well in school; I’m working there pt now. I’ve stopped renovating my house in Avondale until my house in Crestwood sells. Thats about it.
Just building my profile in Facebook and anxiously awaiting the chance to throw beanbags at a Bush effigy at Bottletree next Tuesday evening. I had to show the kids the shoe-throwing video on You Tube and now they’re pumped to throw some beanbags, too.