And now a word of thanks

I must say that despite my circumstances (which I rant on about ad nauseum, I know), I must say that I am really lucky to have so many beautiful people in my life.

After my last post, this month has had a much more positive hue, due 100% to the kind and generous souls that I am so lucky to have crossed paths with:

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Tired of ‘splainin’

On days like today it’s easy to see how the idea and ideal of the nuclear family is embedded in my psyche, despite my months of trying to get used to/be content with my status as a single mom.
It’s even harder to swallow our status when I see how it affects my children.

Today was one of those days where the contrast of “before” (intact, nuclear family with its occasional rough patches and frequent feelings of contentment and joy) and “after” (frequent rough patches and occasional feelings of contentment and joy, but none with the depth that I felt before Mike’s death.)

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