okey dokey here we come

It feels like (and is) the next big chapter in my life. Flash has built me a beautiful light-filled office on what used to be the back porch, and the kids have seperate rooms to come home to tomorrow.
I came home from a party just now thinking I’d cut the grass and Flash beat me to the punch. He’s already out there slogging away, so I sneaked in the office (which has giant windows overlooking the back 40), grabbed my laptop and brought it into the kitchen to get in a quick blogging entry.
We’ve given my (our) house a name. Flash’s house on southside was given the name “The Asylum” years ago. One night he casually asked what we are going to name my (our) place. I blurted out “The Okey Dokey Ranch.” We both laughed and I promptly forgot about it.
A few days later, Flash said that he really liked the name I gave our house. He had to remind me of the name. Much easier than naming a child. Though I feel like The Okey Dokey in some strange way IS and will be our child. Our big creation together.
What else are we creating? A new family. New business ventures. Wow. It’s a lot. I’m excited.
And I’m kind of worried for him.
I mean, the guy has been a bachelor for 12 or so years. He’s had many housemates, many parties, lots of freedom. At a house party on the Fourth of July this year, a woman approached him and asked “are you the party man???” She seemed awestruck. Almost groupie-like. She had heard some fantabulous tales about happenings at The Asylum.
But he’s excited about a new way of life. Being a daddy fulltime again. Creating a life with me. But still, I can’t help but wonder if he REALLY knows what he’s getting into. Like when he says that we’ll just tell the kids to go hang in their rooms, now that they have seperate spaces. And things will just be peachy. Hmmmmm. Maybe.
Last night I asked him if he was ready for the changes just around the bend. He said not really, but it is time to just step in and do it.
God love him.
In the next month or so, I’m going to start a new blog to chronicle the blending of our families. Should be plenty of material, I figure.


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