Redmont School 10k giveaway fundraiser

It’s that time of year again; The Redmont School is selling 300 raffle tickets for the annual 10,000.00 giveaway.  Tickets are $100.  If you’re in town, that will get you into a dinner and raffle prizes as well as the big prize drawing on 3.29.08.  Winner need not be present to win, but should let me know so I can be their proxy (because I will be there). Read the rest of this entry »


First, a rant. Then a question about quilters.

Still not a great day.

Before I ask about quilters, let me rant a bit.

I seem to go for a while thinking things are okay, and then the bottom drops out again–you’d think I’d learn the routine.  I just like to think that the despair, grief and sadness will someday be bad memories only.  But they come back into my life like unexpected and unwanted guests with little rhyme or reason for their comings and goings (other than the obvious overall situation).  I have a good week and wham, before I get too cocky they’re back to remind me that I have no business feeling competent, energetic, or even mildly happy.

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How to help this week

Okay, I’m going to write this notice on the blog and will enter it onto the calendar tomorrow. (I’m new to the calendar, too and I have very little time today to tinker with it).

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Blog updates

My friend Wade Kwon came over to help me with some updates to the blog (a thousand thank yous), and just want to make you aware of them. Will be doing more updating as time goes on, so please come back to visit often.

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Anyone with an AL homebuilders license, please reply to this post. I need advice.

I am close to closing on a basket case house that Mike and I had been trying to acquire since July. It needs everything, but is in a good area (Avondale). Read the rest of this entry »

Do you know how to save or record cell phone ringtones/messages?

Does anyone know how to record messages left on a cell phone? I’ve got at least one message from Mike ( a really pedestrian one, but his voice nonetheless) that I’d like to save and maybe burn to a disc. Any advice is appreciated.

Tribute to Mike/Art opening/Fundraiser @ Rojo

I heard rumblings about this event and have finally confirmed that Rojo has donated a party room for an art opening on October 11. If you have more detailed/other info, please post in comments. This is what I received via e-mail. Thanks everyone.


Just following up on the tribute/fundraiser for Mike P. Some folks had questions so here’s the best FAQ I could put together: Read the rest of this entry »

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